Thursday, 2 July 2015

Born On The 4th Of July?... Well I'm English So I Don't Accept The USA Was....

OK, even speaking as an Englishman, I have to tip my hat to the US of A for their big day, the 4th of July, the day they declared independence from the greatest nation in the world.

We all know that right? I mean there have been movies, ones where Vietnam vets (that's ex-soldiers, not doctors for animals, for anyone English) grew long hair and moustaches in wheelchairs and became heroes twice to both sides of the story...

Then there was the one where an Australian serial Brit-hater pretended to be American for a couple of hours while he tomahawked the b-jesus out of redcoats......

And don't forget the one where the Fresh Prince punched on with an alien and a guy called Randy stuck a nuke up an alien starship!!

Speaking as a Brit, I date the birth of the USA as November 25th 1783. The day the last British troops left New York. Because that's when they'd won. Up until then, we, still technically at least, "owned" them. So there.

All petulance for comic effect aside.... there have been some interesting books written about the "American Rebellion" as I prefer to call it.....

Here are a handful I have copies of....


The First Salute by Barbara Tuchman
A world renown historian delivers her take on the conflict.

The War Of Revolution by Christopher Ward
The president of the historical society of Delaware gives us his detailed account of the war that created the US.


Redcoat by Bernard Cornwell
One of the greatest ever historical fiction authors place us at Valley Forge in autumn (fall) 1777, where history was re-written.

The Fort by Bernard Cornwell
This time Cornwell takes us to the summer of 1779, the third year of the war, where he fictionalises the events of one of the most fascinating episodes of the conflict.

Washington And Caesar by Christian Cameron
A fictionalised account of the war from the opposing perspectives of George Washington and his slave Julius Caesar.

Up The Revolution.....

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