Monday, 10 August 2015

Introducing Teddy. Being Yourself... And Being A Good Friend...

Please take a moment to look at this link and video.

Using books as a way to educate children towards a better understanding and acceptance of others is a great thing in my opinion!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Tiny...Little...Small....But Perfectly Formed.... Books!!

A busy couple of days in the city this past weekend threw me a very small window of inactivity, so my wife and I used it to visit the Art Centre Sunday Market, which many of you will know, is a regular Sunday attraction at the southern end of the Prince's Bridge in the CBD.

We hadn't been down there in a while so I was really pleased to find a great new stall that I thought you lot at BLM might appreciate. 

Don't think you have space for a library in your house? Well think again! Because Joy Serwylo, (her website is: has devised the perfect solution in the ever-so-cute form of tiny books!

The stall was being manned by the artist's daughter who showed us some wonderful little pieces of work that Mum produced, no doubt at the expense of an entirely disproportionate amount of time!!

They're totally lovely. You have to go buy some. I did, and will certainly do so again. 

Stevie at BLM