Tuesday, 22 July 2014

1 "New" Bookstore... 1 Old Bookstore... 5 New Books...

One of the wonderful things about writing on a site like Book Lovers Melbourne is that I can drive around Melbourne looking for new book stores and justify it as "work" (well, unpaid work anyway...).

This week I've been lucky enough to discover somewhere new, to me at least, Book Talk in Richmond.  Actually they've been in the same place for about twelve years I was told, which just goes to show it's still worth looking for new additions to our Listings Page. Book Talk is situated about half way between Richmond and East Richmond train stations, on Swan Street, just a little west and over the road from the icon Dimmey's clock tower.

Contrary to popular misconception, there are places to park in this part of the city if you travel by car. There's a car-park behind Coles a little way down the road and one or two other spots, so don't let parking worries be an excuse! The store itself is responding well to modern business challenges by combining a wide variety of second-hand books, selected new books, and a cafe, which when I visited at lunchtime was very busy. A great spot to buy your book and read it! I was lucky enough to chat with Natalie and Sue who told me a little about the history of the store and were very enthusiastic about what it had to offer.

I bought a second-hand copy of Metropolis by Elizabeth Gaffney during my visit, being unable to resist a bit of historical fiction. Please pay them a visit and see what you can find!

I also had time to pay a visit to another favourite bookstore from our listings page on my way home, The Grub Street Bookshop, where I picked up four new acquisitions, Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse, Humphry Clinker by Tobias Smollett and The New Men by C.P. Snow, all in Penguin format, and a copy of Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick.

So a pleasant day of book fossicking for me, and I hope, some new ideas for reading and where to buy books for you!

Happy reading!
Stevie at B.L.M.

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