Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Venturing into the world of comic books

With the number of movies and TV shows being based on comic books these days, it is quite impossible to ignore the genre. I don't think I have read comic books since I was in school (except Fun Home of course) - always thinking of them as something for kids. To venture into the world of "adult" comics, I have chosen this book:

Walking Dead
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Robert Kirkman

I absolutely have to quote a paragraph from the introduction that summarises perfectly why I chose this (and so enjoyed the TV series) despite professing a dislike for "zombie" movies.

"To me, the best zombie movies aren't the splatter fests of gore and violence with goofy characters and tongue in cheek antics. Good zombie movies show us how messed up we are, they make us question our station in society... and our society's station in the world. They show us gore and violence and all that cool stuff too... but there's always an undercurrent of social commentary and thoughtfulness"

Watch this space for a review soon.

Based on my friend V's recommendation, I have two other books lined up after this:

Y The Last Man 60 issues and completed
Ex-Machina 50 issues and completed

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