Monday, 7 April 2014

My Week In Books IV....

So, this week I have been mostly busy trying to get used to my first ever Mac, having used PC all my life, so it's been somewhat of a distraction. But, I have managed to do some Book Lovers Melbourne work, when, on saturday night, Baju came over for our first ever B.L.M. working bee, both in the same location, as opposed to communicating online! It was very useful, her technical input dramatically decreasing the number of times I threw a technophobe based hissy fit! We also ironed out a few technical issues with the website and made a few minor alterations to the look whilst the three resident cats tried their best to climb all over the keyboards....

As always, there has been some book buying this week on my part, this time all new, from two great bookstores at the top of Bourke Street in the CBD, Hill of Content and The Paperback, (three books from each, which is, of course, two more from each than I had planned).

We have two new 'Top Ten' lists coming up in the near future, one from one of our readers, on Agatha Christie, and one from my own favourite field, historical non-fiction. Both are in the development phase so please bear with us!

That's it for this week's My Week In Books, happy reading!!


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