Sunday, 9 March 2014

Resources For Book Lovers....

There are a few excellent resources out there in www-world for bibliophiles these days, offering book clubs, reading list applications, cataloging software etc etc so I thought I'd take a moment to recommend two of my favourites based on personal use.

The first, from the perspective of a book reader who loves to share reading experiences and get recommendations from the like-minded, as well as have a handy way to keep a record of progress whilst reading multiple books, is Goodreads 

Goodreads is like a great big book club that allows you to organise your reading habits, link up with your reading orientated friends, join reading clubs based on your tastes, write reviews and a whole host of other bookie-type bits and bobs. It's free and fun!

Next is a website that is perfect for the anally retentive among us who simple must have all our books catalogued, numbered, described, detailed, right down to the cover, ISBN number edition, date purchased, store of purchase, etc etc etc. I love it. I cant wait to scan in any new book I buy when I get home (works beautifully from your ipad or iphone) or type the details in the old-fashioned way for books pre-barcode.  does all this and more and, whilst it's not free, it's very reasonably priced.

There are, I'm sure, lots of other websites and Apps especially for biblios out there, and, as I start to use them, I'll happily review them, but these two are great, in my opinion, so give them a go!

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